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Origin Doors

Introducing the Origin Bi-Fold Door

Open up your living space, garden and patio area with stunning Origin aluminium bi-folding doors, expertly made in the UK to your specification.

Whether incorporated into a new-build, an extension or an older period-style property, the door’s expansive glass panels give you an uninterrupted widescreen view of the outdoors, letting you enjoy your home and its surroundings all year round.

Ready to buy Origin Bi-fold Doors?

Origin Bi-fold Doors are sold through a network of showrooms and installers who are located nationwide. To find your local Premium Partner, please click here.
Alternatively, if you’re a builder, architect or door and window company and would like to open a trade account with us, please click here.

Comparing the OB-49 and the OB-72

The key difference between the OB-49 and the OB-72 are the sightlines they achieve. Both offer a modern take on the traditional Bi-Fold door system through the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.


Sightline * Sizes denote glass to glass measurements


110mm *


154mm *

Lead Times


24 hours on popular colours (7016M, 9910G, 7021M, 9005M, 7015M, 9910G/7016M),
4 weeks any RAL


24 hours on popular colours (7015M, 7016M, 7021M, 9005M, 9006M, 9007M, 9910G, 9910G/7016M),
3 weeks any RAL



up to 1.2W/m2K


up to 1.3W/m2K



3 Star Diamond cylinder and PAS 24 as standard


Upgradeable to a 3 Star Diamond cylinder and PAS 24



Premium Stainless Steel handle as standard


Yale handle as standard. Upgradeable to Premium Stainless Steel

Made to stand the test of time

No door leaves our state-of-the-art factory without having gone through rigorous quality testing at every stage of the manufacturing process, giving you peace of mind that you’re choosing something which is truly built to last.

Our in-house research and development team works tirelessly to refine how we develop and manufacture our doors, ensuring we equip them with the highest-quality features and components.

Indeed, we’re so confident in our doors that we offer our industry-leading 20-year guarantee with every installation.

Low thresholds to connect your home and garden

Creating that truly seamless link between home and garden is all in the threshold. We recommend a weathered threshold, which can be sunk into the floor with a small 1 cm lip to provide a protective weather tight seal.

Non-weathered thresholds have no lip and are completely flush with the floor. As they don’t offer quite the same protection against the elements, they are best used on interior doors or doors in sheltered areas.

Security for peace of mind

Your home isn’t a home if it doesn’t feel secure. That’s why we’ve made sure our bi-fold doors exceed the latest security standards (including PAS 24 and Secured By Design). Employing a unique 8-point locking system, the doors come equipped with:

  • Heavy-duty zinc hinges designed to resist attacks from the most determined intruders
  • A cylinder lock proven to withstand common housebreaking techniques such as snapping, picking, drilling and bumping

Combine these high-quality features with extremely strong aluminium frames and you have a door system where security is second to none.

Inspired by colour

You might be perfectly satisfied with a contemporary black, white or grey door. Alternatively, your taste might be much more adventurous. With the Origin Bi-Fold Door, you have the choice of over 150 RAL shades and a range of dual-colour options.

So whether you're looking for a bright primary shade, a candy-coloured pastel or a deep, earthy tone, Origin's extensive colour palette can't fail to inspire you.

150 RAL colours

Dual Colour: 9910G (Hipca White) in, 7016M (Anthracite Grey) out.Colours shown here may note be 100% representative. Visit your local showroom or contact Origin directly or physical samples.

Customised to your taste

With Origin, the only limit is your imagination. But don’t let us be the judge—tell us exactly what you need and we’ll make it for you.

  • Specify a size
  • Choose the number of doors and how you want them to open
  • Pick a colour for the inside and outside
  • Select your door handle and other hardware

Then sit back and let us create your dream bi-fold doors.

Overall size
Number of doors
Single or dual colour
Threshold option
Open in or out
Handle model
Accessory finishes

Keeping the family safe

As a family-run business, we understand how important it is to keep everyone safe. That’s why we design our bi-fold doors with features specifically to protect the whole family.

The doors boast finger safe gaskets to prevent little fingers getting trapped when the doors are closing and magnetic catches are installed that can temporarily hold the doors in place while being operated.

And with a threshold carefully designed to remove trip hazards and provide any necessary wheelchair access, you’re able to link seamlessly between the inside and outside of your home.

Doors that glide effortlessly

The secret behind the smooth, fluid motion of the Origin Bi-Fold Door is hidden within its bottom track. A cleverly engineered slimline carriage guides the doors along the track quietly and efficiently, letting you open and close them with ease. It’s quality you can see, feel and admire.

Handled with care

No door is complete without its handle, and the Origin Bi-Fold Door comes with the perfect finishing touch. Made with our usual care and dedication, our handles boast modern, elegant styles while striking the ideal balance between unrivalled strength, sleek design and flawless functionality.

The aluminium handle range is made to provide easy and smooth door operation.

White aluminium lever handleWhite aluminium
lever handle
Chrome aluminium lever handleChrome aluminium
lever handle
Black aluminium lever handleBlack aluminium
lever handle

Stainless Steel handles with seperate escutcheon.

Style 301/280 Solid stainless steel lever handle with separate escutcheon(Style 301/280)
Style 303/280 Solid stainless steel lever handle with separate escutcheon(Style 303/280)
Style 253/280 Solid stainless steel lever handle with separate escutcheon(Style 253/280)

Stay warm in winter, cool in summer

Engineered to stand up to the unstable British climate, the Origin Bi-Fold Door insulates your home all year round, keeping your home bright with natural light, as well as warm in the winter.

The door’s sophisticated weathertight seals ensure any bad weather remains permanently outside, helping to lower your energy bills and allowing you to enjoy every room of your home no matter the season. To find out more about the thermal efficiency of our doors read our thermal efficiency FAQs page.

Low-maintenance aluminium doors

Bi-fold doors let you enjoy the view and space they create, without the worry of time-consuming or costly maintenance.

Where wooden or uPVC doors might expand and contract in certain weather, the Origin Bi-Fold Door, with its premium-grade aluminium frames, avoids this problem completely. And its impeccable powder-coated finish means there’s no need to touch up fading paintwork or conceal chips and scratches.

Aluminium style and strength

The aluminium that goes into making the Origin Bi-Fold Door is premium-grade, coming from prime billets rather than re-melting scrap. It’s a hugely versatile metal that lets us build all kinds of complex door configurations without compromising on lightness, quality or resilience.

Aluminium’s innate strength means the doors are secure, energy‑efficient and resistant to warping or flexing, even in the worst of weather conditions. We finish the frames with a high-grade powder coating, ensuring a scratch-resistant and completely smooth surface. And slim sightlines make sure you have the best possible view of the world outside.

weighs67%less than steel

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An Origin Door is a completely bespoke product, tailored to your size, colour scheme, finish and accessory requirements. Origin are proud to present our range of Bi-fold, Sliding, Corner, French, Single and Front Doors.