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Origin Doors

The world's leading brand of Aluminium Doors

An Origin Door is a completely bespoke product, tailored exactly to your size, colour scheme, finish and accessory requirements. Whether it’s a French Door, Corner, Bi-fold, Slider, or Front Door, they are all made using premium-grade aluminium for smooth, flawless and effortless operation. When you choose an Origin Door, you’re guaranteed something special. Find out why you’d choose a Bi-Fold Vs a Sliding door below.

Custom made for you

At Origin, we want you to be proud when you finally see your doors installed. That's why we give our customers total flexibility...

All Origin Doors are fully made to measure, so no matter what size your aperture or configuration you require, we can help. Ranging from one to eight door sets, our Bi-fold Doors can accommodate openings large or small and an open inwardly or outwardly. The Origin Residential Door similarly has a number of configuration and panel options available to help you achieve the look and feel you require.

1.Overall size
3.Single or dual colour
4.Open in or out
5.Handle model
6.Accessory finishes

Additional options for your front door

7.Panel style
8.Letterbox, knocker and spyhole

Why we use aluminium

At Origin, we design and manufacture all our products to offer only the highest quality for our customers. We only use prime billets of aluminium because we believe this is the very best material for strong, secure and long‑lasting doors and windows. Aluminium is extremely strong, which means our doors can achieve ultra-slim sightlines and complex configurations for uninterrupted views and lots of natural light in your home.

Aluminium offers an exceptional finish, which simply can’t be achieved with other materials like composite or uPVC. Because we use a powder coating finish on premium grade aluminium, your doors can stay looking fresh with minimal maintenance for up to 20 years or more. What's more, aluminium does not flex, corrode or warp, offering a reliable door system that's built to last.

The benefits of choosing aluminium doors far outweigh the benefits of choosing other materials – not to mention, offers a truly stylish look and feel. To see it for yourself, visit a local showroom.

Safe and Secure

We’re a family-run business so we understand that a home isn’t a home if it isn’t safe. That’s why all our doors come with highly secure locking systems, cylinders or barrels that exceed the latest industry standards.


Our unique 8-point locking system (found in Origin Bi-fold Doors), includes chamfered 20mm linear bolts and is combined with security hinges to withstand attacks from even the most determined intruder. Our cylinders are proven to protect against snapping, picking, drilling and bumping, offering an increased defence.

The Origin Residential Door boosts this security with automatic locking systems and tamper-proof barrels, both of which are 3-star Kitemarked. This provides one of the most secure locking systems on the market today, combined with the strength aluminium offers.

The Origin Bi-Fold, Residential Door and Windows have all obtained the Secured By Design accreditation proving they have been created to ‘design out crime’.

Colour to inspire

With over 150 different colours and woodgrain finishes to choose from, you can be sure to find a colour that suits your style. No matter how subtle or outrageous your style, we’ve got bright primary shades, sophisticated earthy tones and candy pastels guaranteed to offer inspiration. As well as a wide variety of colours, we also offer 10 sophisticated panel options for our Residential Door, giving you the freedom to create the perfect first impression of your home.

Dual Colour Option

Choose different colours for your interior and exterior with our dual colour option. You may want a more conservative style for your exterior and a more vibrant colour to match your interior - with our dual colour option, anything is possible. Many of our RAL colours come with the option of offering a matt, satin or gloss finish, as well as a number of woodgrain finishes for a look that truly resembles wood or timber.

Up to 20 year guarantee

Exclusively designed, developed and manufactured in our state-of-the-art UK factory, Origin Doors are engineered to perform and built to last. At every stage of the manufacturing process, each door undergoes rigorous testing to ensure that it leaves the Origin factory at a consistently exceptional standard. So confident in our design, we offer up to a 20-year guarantee on all door components, giving you complete peace of mind.

Our in-house research and development team continue to work tirelessly to improve each component and manufacturing technique, to better all features such as security, thermal efficiency and safety.

Why choose a Bi‑fold vs a Slider?

Often referred to as ‘glass walls’, both bi-fold doors and sliding doors do just that; they have the ability to completely open up a room by replacing wall with glass. However, there are some differences between the Origin Bi-fold Door and Origin Slider that goes further than just the way that they open.

Origin Bi-fold DoorOrigin Slider


Origin Bi-fold Door

Featuring a unique 8-point locking system, the Origin Bi-fold Door conforms to all the latest security standards. Equipped with 20mm linear bolts, British Standards accredited cylinder/barrels and deep throw 25mm security hooks, the Origin Bi-fold offers the deepest engagement available on the market today.

Origin Slider

The Origin Slider is equipped with an ultra-secure multipoint locking system with a minimum of 6 points of locking. Each door locks solidly into either the jamb or its adjacent door, and the opening action happens on one track, reducing security points and making the door safer.


Origin Bi-fold Door

Bi-fold doors fold up either inward or outward to reveal a totally uninterrupted view and seamless transition between indoors and outdoors. They consist of a master door, which can be used like a regular door when needed, and slave doors which fold back.

Origin Slider

Sliding doors typically slide in front of each other to create an entrance. They can also slide all the way to the left, all the way to the right or be staged intermittently.

Thermal performance

Origin Bi-fold Door

Origin Bi-fold Doors achieve a U-Value of 1.32, making them ever so slightly more thermally efficient than the Origin Slider. All Origin Doors help to lower energy bills by keeping your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Origin Slider

The Origin Slider is manufactured using large panes of low-emissivity glass and a polyamide thermal break within the aluminium profile. Our slider achieves a 1.4 U-Value, exceeding British Regulation requirements for thermal efficiency.


Origin Bi-fold Door

Available with either a weathered threshold or non-weathered threshold. Weathered threshold protects the doors against weather damage and increases thermal performance. It features a small lip that you must step over. The non-weathered threshold isn't guaranteed to protect against the weather, but it doesn’t feature a lip, meaning it can create a seamless transition between inside and out.

Origin Slider

The Origin Slider is available with a weathered threshold only, which features a small lip that you must step over. It provides excellent protection against the weather and increases thermal performance.

View (when open)

Origin Bi-fold Door

When open, sliding doors can provide a good view. However, there will always be a frame blocking a completely uninterrupted view as they cannot fold completely back on itself like bi-folds do.

Origin Slider

When bi-fold doors are open, they provide a completely uninterrupted view and flexibility to move easily between indoors and outdoors.

View (when closed)

Origin Bi-fold Door

Bi-fold doors feature smaller panels of glass compared to sliding doors. This means that there will be more door profile when the doors are closed, which can interrupt the view. However, because Origin Bi-fold Doors are made from innately strong aluminium, they offer extremely slim sightlines for maximum views when the doors are closed.

Origin Bi‑fold Doors
Origin Slider

Sliding doors tend to feature large panes of glass and less door profile. This means they provide a less interrupted view when closed.

Origin Sliding Doors

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An Origin Door is a completely bespoke product, tailored to your size, colour scheme, finish and accessory requirements. Origin are proud to present our range of Bi-fold, Sliding, Corner, French, Single and Front Doors.