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Origin Doors

Origin Bi-fold Door Configuration

The Origin Bi-fold Door can be completely tailored to your needs, with all of the details exactly as you want them. All elements are bespoke and made to measure to your individual requirements and style.

  • Overall size
  • SystemSystem
  • Number of doors
  • ConfigurationConfiguration
  • Single or dual colour
  • Threshold optionThreshold option
  • Accessory finishes
  • Open in or outOpen in or out
  • Handle modelHandle model

All the products from the Origin Home Collection are sold via a network of local installers who will source the glass, as well as undertake and guarantee your installation. These installers are completely separate to Origin, meaning your contract will be with them and, therefore, any remedial work required would be carried out by your installer. More information.

Once you have found your local installer, you will be able to work with them to configure your door set to your requirements. However, to get you started on this journey and provide an overview of the options available to you, please see the bespoke elements below. Or find your local installer.

1. Material

The material of the bi-fold door you choose is an important factor to consider. All Origin Bi-fold Doors are made from premium grade aluminium, and we only use prime billets. This means that none of the aluminium we use has been made up from re-melting scraps, giving us more control over the overall formation of the doors and allowing a greater finish to be achieved.

This innate strength means we can provide bi-fold doors that are physically secure, energy efficient and extremely durable. Aluminium frames can easily accommodate complex door layouts, such as moving corner posts and bay setups, without being too heavy.

Configurations, Sizes and Options

The configuration you choose for your bi-fold doors will depend on the space you’re looking to fill and the size of the opening you have available. They can be configured in a number of different ways, so knowing about the options can help you to make the right choice for your home.

2. System / Sightline Options

The Origin Bi-fold Door is available in sightlines of 36mm, 49mm or 72mm.

OB-36+ SohoOB-36+ (Soho)With sightlines of just 36mm this is the slimmest bi-fold door available.
OB-36+ ContemporaryOB-36+ (Contemporary)Offering sightlines of 36mm, 49mm or 72mm in a more traditional style.

Start configuring your door by choosing the sightline option that’s right for your home and the purpose you want the door to serve.

3. Size

With Origin, you have complete freedom over the size and configuration of your doors. Once you have an overall size, you can choose your preferred configuration and how many individual door leaves and direction of opening you want.

For example, you may want fewer, wider doors to maximise the view, or, to accommodate a desired configuration, you could opt for more leaves. In this instance, the individual leaves would be narrower.

Explore the Bi-Fold Configurations

Drag the slider to select your aperture size


Configurations shown are approximate sizes. Contact your installer to discuss what's right for you.

1 door configurations
1 door (1+0)
1+0 With Midrail
1 door (1+0)
with midrail
2 door configurations
2 door (2+0)
2 door (1+1)
3 door configurations
3 door (2+1)
3 door (3+0)
4 door configurations
1+1 With Sidelights
4 door (1+1)
with sidelights
4 door (1+3)
4 door (4+0)
5 door configurations
5 door (2+3)
5 door (4+1)
5 door (5+0)
6 door configurations
6 door (3+3)
6 door (5+1)
6 door (6+0)
7 door configurations
7 door (1+6)
7 door (3+4)
7 door (5+2)
7 door (7+0)
8 door configurations
8 door (1+7)
8 door (3+5)
8 door (8+0)
9 door configurations
9 door (1+8)
9 door (2+7)
9 door (4+5)
9 door (9+0)
10 door configurations
10 door (3+7)
10 door (5+5)
10 door (7+3)
10 door (9+1)
10 door (10+0)
12 door configurations
12 door (7+5)

4. Configuration

In order to configure your door, you’ll need to specify whether you want them to open inwards or outwards. As with all tailored elements, the choice is yours and will be dependent on the space you have available as well as your individual preference.

Number of doors/panels and opening options

Bi-fold doors are available with a huge range of panel options and opening options, and the choice you make will depend on the space you have available and the best functioning for your home. Configurations for our Bi-fold Doors can be found in our product brochure.

Options include:

Two panelsTwo panels
Three panelsThree panels
Four panelsFour panels
Five panelsFive panels
Six panelsSix panels
Seven panelsSeven panels
Bi-fold doorsContemporary OB-49 External Door 1+3 Bi-fold Door

Origin Bi-fold Doors can be fitted with a traffic or access door. A traffic door is part of the overall bi-fold set, but can act as a traditional single door when the doors are closed. This door is a hinged door that opens and closes on its own to provide easy access in and out of your home, without having to open your bi-folds all the way. A traffic door is also fitted with a built-in locking mechanism.

We usually recommend choosing a configuration with an odd number of panels as this would allow for our unique multi-point lock to be used and provide you with an everyday access door. However, if you choose a configuration with an even number, you can incorporate a traffic door within it. e.g. If you have a 4 door set, you can choose a 3+1 configuration. Your local installer will be able to talk through the options with this.

5. Colour Options

RAL 1000RAL 1001RAL 1002RAL 1003RAL 1004RAL 1005RAL 1006RAL 1007
RAL 1011RAL 1012RAL 1013RAL 1014RAL 1015RAL 1016RAL 1017RAL 1018
RAL 1019RAL 1020RAL 1021RAL 1023RAL 1024RAL 1026RAL 1027RAL 1028
RAL 1032RAL 1033RAL 1034RAL 1035RAL 1036RAL 1037RAL 2000RAL 2001
RAL 2002RAL 2003RAL 2004RAL 2005RAL 2007RAL 2008RAL 2009RAL 2010
RAL 2011RAL 2012RAL 2013RAL 3000RAL 3001RAL 3002RAL 3003RAL 3004
RAL 3005RAL 3007RAL 3009RAL 3011RAL 3012RAL 3013RAL 3014RAL 3015
RAL 3016RAL 3017RAL 3018RAL 3020RAL 3022RAL 3024RAL 3026RAL 3027
RAL 3028RAL 3031RAL 3032RAL 3033RAL 4001RAL 4002RAL 4003RAL 4004
RAL 4005RAL 4006RAL 4007RAL 4008RAL 4009RAL 4010RAL 4011RAL 4012
RAL 5000RAL 5001RAL 5002RAL 5003RAL 5004RAL 5005RAL 5007RAL 5008
RAL 5009RAL 5010RAL 5011RAL 5012RAL 5013RAL 5014RAL 5015RAL 5017
RAL 5018RAL 5019RAL 5020RAL 5021RAL 5022RAL 5023RAL 5024RAL 5025
RAL 5026RAL 6000RAL 6001RAL 6002RAL 6003RAL 6004RAL 6005RAL 6006
RAL 6007RAL 6008RAL 6009RAL 6010RAL 6011RAL 6012RAL 6013RAL 6014
RAL 6015RAL 6016RAL 6017RAL 6018RAL 6019RAL 6020RAL 6021RAL 6022
RAL 6024RAL 6025RAL 6026RAL 6027RAL 6028RAL 6029RAL 6032RAL 6033
RAL 6034RAL 6035RAL 6036RAL 6037RAL 6038RAL 7000RAL 7001RAL 7002
RAL 7003RAL 7004RAL 7005RAL 7006RAL 7008RAL 7009RAL 7010RAL 7011
RAL 7012RAL 7013RAL 7015RAL 7016RAL 7021RAL 7022RAL 7023RAL 7024
RAL 7026RAL 7030RAL 7031RAL 7032RAL 7033RAL 7034RAL 7035RAL 7036
RAL 7037RAL 7038RAL 7039RAL 7040RAL 7042RAL 7043RAL 7044RAL 7045
RAL 7046RAL 7047RAL 7048RAL 8000RAL 8001RAL 8002RAL 8003RAL 8004
RAL 8007RAL 8008RAL 8011RAL 8012RAL 8014RAL 8015RAL 8016RAL 8017
RAL 8019RAL 8022RAL 8023RAL 8024RAL 8025RAL 8028RAL 8029RAL 9001
RAL 9002RAL 9003RAL 9004RAL 9005RAL 9006RAL 9007RAL 9010RAL 9011
RAL 9016RAL 9017RAL 9018RAL 9022RAL 9023

With a choice of over 150 RAL colours, including dual colour options and two woodgrain colours, you can tailor your Bi-fold Door to your personal taste and style. If you opt for one of our popular colours, this will be available on a shorter lead time, so once you have configured your doors, you could have them sooner than you originally thought. Find out more about lead times on specific colour choices.

6. Glazing

When you buy an Origin Bi-fold Door, the glass is sourced and installed by your local installer, but they can be specified to accommodate either double or triple glazing - whatever suits your needs.

The tolerances on each component of our Bi-fold Doors are tested to make sure they can bear the weight of the glazing option you choose.

Double Glazing

Double Glazing

  • Weighs less than triple glazing so does not put as much pressure on the frames
  • Good sound insulation
  • Sufficient energy efficiency for the UK climate
Triple Glazing

Triple Glazing

  • More thermally efficient
  • Allows less heat to escape for your home
  • Superior noise reduction and acoustics
  • Lower U-Value than double glazing

7. Threshold Options

When configuring your door, you will have the choice of a weathered, non-weathered* or low thresholds.** You should consider where you are planning to install the doors as well as how exposed to the elements they will be.

*Only available on OB-49 and OB-72
**Only available on OB-36+

Weathered Threshold

Weathered Threshold

includes an upstand which provides protection and keeps a home watertight.
Non-weathered Threshold

Non-weathered threshold

option creates a seamless, flush transition and is recommended for internal use or sheltered outside areas.

8. Handle Options

The finishing touch to your door configuration is your handle choice. Choose from modern and elegant handle styles to match your tailored design. You can decide on a standard aluminium or stainless-steel finish, and some of our handles can even be colour coordinated, so you can match or contrast with your chosen door colour.

Soho Signature Knurled

Truly stunning and highly versatile, our Signature Knurled Collection available in six exquisite finishes, is at the heart of our Soho Collection, offering a unique and tactile experience. Available across the OB-36+ range.

Antique BrassAntique Brass
Brushed BronzeBrushed Bronze
Brushed BlackBrushed Black
Rose GoldRose Gold
Satin BrassSatin Brass
Satin StainlessSatin Stainless

Contemporary Handle

Stainless steel handle which can also be colour-coded, available on Contemporary External doors.

Style 253/280
Solid stainless steel lever handle with separate escutcheon (Style 253/280)Also available on the Soho External door
Style 251/280
Solid stainless steel lever handle with separate escutcheon (Style 251/280)
Style 301/280
Solid stainless steel lever handle with separate escutcheon (Style 301/280)
Style 303/280
Solid stainless steel lever handle with separate escutcheon (Style 303/280)
Style 253/270
Solid stainless steel lever handle with long back plate (Style 253/270)
Slave handleD-handle
Slave and D-handles are available in any of the 150 RAL shades or can be specified in a stainless steel finish. These are used across both, Soho and contemporary bi-folds.

Popular aluminium handles

Our popular aluminium range is available in three colours that complement any door colour.

White aluminium lever handleWhite aluminium lever handle
Chrome aluminium lever handleChrome aluminium lever handle
Black aluminium lever handleBlack aluminium lever handle

9. Lock Systems


Depending on the configuration you choose, Origin Bi-fold Doors can be fitted with our unique 8-point locking system – this is across the OB-36+, OB-49 and OB-72. This lock meets all of the latest security standards including PAS 24 and the police preferred Secured by Design accreditation.

Barrel Options

Our OB-36+ and OB-49 both come with a 3-Star Diamond, British Standard Kitemark locking barrel as standard. These barrels are proven to protect against snapping, picking, drilling and bumping to help prevent intruders from gaining access to your property.

Our OB-72 can be upgraded to include a 1-star barrel which will make forced entry difficult.


The hinges fitted to Origin Bi-fold Doors are specially designed to help withstand attacks and lessen the chances of intruders being able to access your home.

10. Accessory Finishes

The hinges, running gear, D-handle and slave handles of an Origin Bi-fold Door can be colour coded to your door colour, can be contrasted or are available in stainless steel.

For the lever handles, those in the popular Contemporary Aluminium are available in black, white or chrome. Handles in the Contemporary Stainless Steel are also available to be colour coded or specified in any RAL.

The gasket seal is also available to be specified to match your requirements, with eight colours available.

Your local installer can advise on the recommended colour options available, but the end result is tailored to you.


At Origin, we continuously learn, evolve and improve our products to ensure we provide the best levels of quality, as well as service and efficiency.

11. Security Ratings

As mentioned in the locking system section, Origin Bi-fold Doors can be Secured By Design (SBD) accredited which is a police-backed standard, associated with security and levels of performance for weather, operation and quality on domestic properties.

This standard recognises that our doors have not only been tested to the standard security requirements, but that they also adhere to the rigorous test standards required by the police.

In addition, Origin Bi-fold Doors meet the following standards:

  • PAS 24 (Enhanced Security)
  • BS EN 6375 Part 1 (Weathertightness)
  • BS EN 6375 Part 2 (Operational and Strength Characteristics)
  • BS EN 6375 Part 3 (Basic Security)

This is further backed by Origin collectively holding the following accreditations for overall operations:

  • ISO 9001 (Quality Management)
  • ISO 45001 (Health and Safety Management)
  • ISO 14001 (Environmental Management)
  • BES 6001 (Responsible Sourcing of Construction Products)

12. Weather Resistance and U-Values

Origin Bi-fold Doors exceed British Building Regulation requirements for optimal thermal efficiency. Each door is engineered for superior weather rating, security and aesthetic appeal.

With triple glazing, our doors can offer the following U-values:

  • OB-36+ - 0.87 W/m2K*
  • OB-49 - 1.1 W/m2K*
  • OB-72 - 1.1 W/m2K*

* When triple-glazing is specified

They are also fitted with weathertight seals to protect your home and doors from the elements. This means your doors will help to keep your energy bills lower and make the room useable all-year round.

13. Location Options

Bi-fold doors can be installed in a range of locations throughout your home. Their bespoke nature means they can be tailored to meet the size and needs of your home.

Here are just some of the locations in your home where you could consider installing bi-fold doors:



The key benefits of bi-fold patio doors include:

  • Easy access to patio and garden from inside your home
  • Excellent views of outside from inside your home
  • Allow in huge amounts of natural light
  • Keep the warm in and the cold air out

Learn more about patio bi-fold doors.



Bi-fold doors are the perfect addition to any kitchen and can be used for:

  • Kitchen diners
  • Open plan kitchens
  • Kitchen to living room
  • Kitchen to garden
  • Corner bi-fold doors to open up two walls of your home

Find out more about kitchen bi-fold doors.



Using bi-fold doors to open up your extension will allow you to enjoy the benefits of open plan living and will connect your patio or garden to the inside of your home. Here are some of the best uses for bi-fold doors within your extension:

  • Small extensions
  • Kitchen extension
  • Flat-roof extensions
  • Open plan extensions

Learn more about extension bi-fold doors.

14. Guarantees

At Origin, we pride ourselves on the high-quality of all of our products. We’re able to back this up with a guarantee of up to 20-years on parts on our bi-fold doors, depending on the product and its placement.

Some of our competitors offer guarantees of up to 25 years, but this can be misleading and often doesn’t cover every element of the doors. Our guarantee of up to 20-years covers the door and each of its manufactured parts, making our offering unique in the market.

Should it be required, your installer will be the one to undertake any remedial work and they will work with us for ancillaries and do the labour themselves, so be sure to check out the guarantee on their installation and the glass they have sourced.

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