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Jet Black Bifolds Set Against Oak Create An Inspirational Home And Pilates Studio

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The doors help to keep the house nice and warm in the winter, which is so key in our location

- Steve Awning
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In order to create this cosy and contemporary home, Steve and Louise Awning decided to completely renovate their property. Part of their renovations included extending the building either side to create a larger U-shape property and, importantly, an inspirational area for Louise to teach her pilates classes. Knowing that they wanted to incorporate a lot of glazing into the design of their property, the Awnings did their research and were recommended Origin’s aluminium Bifold Doors.

Bi-fold doors were not new to the Awnings - they had a set of timber bi-fold doors installed in the original property, which had not beared up well against the harsh weather conditions and had created a draught. Their installers, South East Bi-folds, recommended replacing the doors with Origin Doors, for their strength, resilience and thermal efficiency. Made with premium grade aluminium, Origin Doors don’t warp, flex or corrode like many other materials such as timber and uPVC and even require much less maintenance. So, aluminium was the ideal material to help protect this property, which is located at the top of a hill near the coast. The couple also received their doors on Origin’s ‘Your lead time, not ours’ promise, meaning they received their doors for exactly when they needed them.

However, they didn’t want their timber bifolds to go to waste, so they brought them inside as internal bifold doors which nicely separates the pilates studio from the rest of the house; creating division whilst also maintaining a warm and welcoming space.

Creating a luxury Pilates studio...

As a Pilates Instructor, Louise needed a studio that would be inspire her and her students. She wanted to create a light, airy and natural space that would feel like a luxury retreat; bringing the beautiful countryside in for a relaxing area. With the two sets of bifold doors, Louise and her students are able to almost completely open up the studio and benefit from the smells of nature, a refreshing breeze, and natural sunlight when the weather’s good. And also, requiring virtually no maintenance, Origin’s aluminium doors simply require a gentle clean with soapy water to keep them looking fresh; thanks to premium grade aluminium and a high quality powder coat finish.

Widescreen views from the comfort of their sofa…

With another 4 door set of bifolds in the living room, this couple can see out onto their garden and patio area from the comfort of their sofa. Bringing in lots of natural light into their living room area, the space looks all the more amazing with uplighting against solid oak beams. And, when the sun is shining, this easy internal and external access makes summer barbecues all the more easy. The couple chose bifold doors without an external handle or locking system, meaning they don’t have to worry about intruders as the doors cannot be opened from the outside.

Stunning French Doors in their kitchen...

Set against the same stunning oak finish, these French Doors beautifully match the ultra modern black kitchen countertop and appliances; creating a stunning focal point for the room. When the doors are closed, the slim sightlines allow a beautiful view out onto the garden and patio area while helping to keep the kitchen warm in cooler months. “The doors help to keep the house nice and warm in the winter, which is so key in our location when the weather can get pretty extreme,” Steve says.

Overall, the couple are very pleased with their doors and Louise says her students always comment on how beautiful the space is.

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