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Origin Doors

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Origin Help Rejuvenate a Traditional Home

Outdoor view of a old house with vines growing outside and a car parked outside
Side view of old cottage house with bush running below the window
Cross sectioned windows looking out into the front of the house
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Close up of cross sectioned origin windows
Close up of cross sectioned origin windows

ā€œIā€™m so happy and surprised with how the doors and windows have matched with the rest of the property and helped to keep its original look.ā€

- Adam Tomlin
White car parked outside of a old country cottage fitted with origin windows

After ten years in their Buckinghamshire home, the Tomlin's were ready to replace some of the property’s original doors and windows with new and improved ones that remained true to the look and feel of their traditional property.

The main concern for Adam Tomlin was the old Crittall (metal framed) windows that had been in place since the house was built in the 1930’s. Over the years, the metal had deteriorated along with the timber they were fixed to, meaning most of them would not close properly, offered no security and were even letting creeping ivy and insects into the house. Needless to say, extreme draughts and a subsequent increase in energy bills accompanied these problems.

The solution was to install new, double glazed aluminium windows that matched the home aesthetically, resolved the draught and deterioration issues, and reduced noise levels from the nearby road.

Adam came across Origin whilst looking for a company who could provide premium quality, weather proof, thermally efficient windows that could seamlessly fit into his family’s traditional home.

“The front of our house is South-facing and is exposed to weather extremes each season. We needed something strong, weather-proof and thermally sound.” – Adam Tomlin

The Origin Window, capable of achieving a U-Value of 0.8 and an unrivalled Energy Rating of A++ combined with Aerogel, immediately stood out to Adam as the best product on the market.

In addition to the thermal efficiency of the Origin Window, the vast choice of colours meant that Adam didn’t have to worry about losing the traditional look to his home. Opting for a Grey Brown (RAL 8019) finish with leadlight glazing, the Tomlin's have proved that aluminium windows are not exclusively suited to modern homes.

With 24 Origin Windows spanning across the front of the family home, the Tomlin's have eliminated all concerns of weather penetrating their living space.

As well as replacing a large number of their homes windows, the family also wanted to replace an old French door set with fixed glass panels at the rear of the house. In order to maximise the amount of natural light that entered the living area, these were removed and replaced with a wider pair of Origin French doors. This fulfilled Adam’s requirements to maximise natural light and provide a much better view of the garden.

The Tomlin's have also explored Origin’s versatility by installing an interior door between the living area and study. Looking for an aesthetically pleasing and near sound-proof door, Adam has been incredibly impressed with the impact the internal door has had.

What a difference!” was how he described the change in sound levels from before and after the installation. The Origin Door has made the study a completely tranquil environment to work, unaffected by the noise from the rest of the household.

The many benefits and improvements that the Origin Windows and Doors have brought to the Tomlin home has certainly removed any style concerns previously held by the family with the aesthetics of the property, impressing Adam the most.

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