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Steel Framed Style Doors add a Contemporary Feel to this London Home

View from a dining room looking out into a garden through open bifold doors
Outside looking into a modern dining room, looking through open bifold doors
A close up view of a set of black Origin Bifold doors
Side view from the outside of a modern dining room with a open set of bifold doors
A set of closed bifold doors overlooking a modern homes garden with the view of a garden home in the background
View of inside a dining room with closed steel frame bifold doors
Close view of Origin bifold door steel handles

The response from family and friends has been very positive, they are even considering similar options for their own homes.

- Dan

Dan and Tanya have lived in their London home for four years and decided in the summer of 2018 that it was time to update their old patio doors.

The old doors no longer matched the style of their home and were becoming difficult to open. With young children in the home and the need for everyday access to the garden, the couple required a set of doors that would prove easy to use whilst being safe for the children to operate. Both Dan and Tanya work from home in their impressive garden room, so the functionality of the doors was especially important, to provide easy access to their office.

Bi-fold doors were recommended to the couple by friends due of the vast range of configuration options and the ability to have them made bespoke to their preferred style and taste.

The couple loved the modern look of steel doors, and Origin’s aluminium Bi-folds proved to be less expensive than authentic steel fenestration. Aluminium weighs 67% less than steel, meaning that aluminium doors are much lighter and easier to operate, which is especially important when using bifold doors. With the thermal break incorporated into Origin’s products, aluminium doors become more thermally efficient than steel frames. Find out more about the thermal efficiency of Origin’s Bi-fold Doors here

A 3+1 configuration was chosen so that they could have an everyday access door, making trips to the office convenient, providing easy access in and out of the home. The chosen configuration also meant that the doors would come with a secure multipoint lock, for added security and peace of mind. In terms of look and style, they opted for horizontal Georgian bars, supplied by Origin, which give the look of the increasingly popular steel framed doors. Popular colour, Anthracite Grey was chosen for the doors as it not only complemented the interior style of their light and airy kitchen/diner, but also the grey home office situated at the end of the garden, making it the perfect match in and out.

The couple were extremely pleased with the installation process and impressed at how quickly and easily the doors were fitted. Now, the family can enjoy the fresh, contemporary style that the doors bring to their home, as well as the peace of mind that the doors are safe to operate by the whole family and do so with ease. Since access to the garden is such an integral part of day-to-day life for the family, the excellent functionality that the new doors bring to the home makes life much easier.

The whole family are impressed at the overall quality of the doors and love the bespoke, steel frame look that they were able to create with Origin’s Bi-fold Doors. As well as the look and operation being improved, the family have also noticed that they no longer experience drafts and feel more confident about the children operating the doors, due to the added safety features in the design.

Dan comments, ‘The response from family and friends has been very positive, they are even considering similar options for their own homes.’ The couple also say that they wouldn’t change a thing about the project and would definitely use Origin again, noting that they will be looking into Origin’s window range when the time comes for the current windows, that were inherited upon the house purchase, to be upgraded.

For now, though, the family are looking forward to experiencing their first Spring and Summer with the doors, to be able to open the doors out fully and appreciate the ample benefits that the doors bring during the warmer months of the year.

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