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Thermal performance
that's out of this world

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Introducing Aerogel

Aerogel is not only used to insulate space shuttles and spacesuits, but now also your home thanks to Origin, resulting in the best energy rating possible.

A++ energy rating

As the world‘s best insulator, Aerogel has the lowest thermal conductivity of any known solid material. By utilising it in the thermal break of the Origin Window, it considerably limits the heat transfer from the one side to the other. Whether it be keeping the house warm in winter or cool in summer, Aerogel‘s remarkable thermal properties enable stable living temperatures that feel “just right” all year round.

Composed of up to 99.89% air by volume, the super—insulating silica Aerogel is used in Origin‘s ground-breaking aluminium window to achieve an astonishing 0.9 U—value.

This revolutionary hydrophobic insulator is not affected by moisture or age, and provides major energy savings for the life of a home. A single 10mm thickness of Aerogel increases the insulation factor by up to 67%. When using Aerogel and the Origin Window together, the pair combine to deliver an incredible A++ Energy Rating.

Quite literally, out of this world.

If Aerogel has been designed to keep astronauts warm, just think what it could do for your home.

  • Achieves a U-Factor of

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