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Origin Doors

Ways to get in touch

On this page, we outline the different reasons and most frequently asked questions for getting in contact with Origin and where your enquiry is best directed.

New Customers

Can you supply me with a quote for my project?

At Origin, we sell via a network of trade partners who are located across all regions. As the installer, they would look after all aspects of your project – including surveying, sourcing glass, installation and aftercare. We can offer contact details of different partners that are located nearest to you. These partners are in our top tier of customer, so to find your local one, click here

Once you have the details, give them a call to start your project today.

Any remedial work is undertaken by them, so we would advise using vigilance when selecting a trade partner. Here’s some advice we pulled together when searching for a new installer.

This page will highlight how we go to market and should offer further information.

I already have a builder in place – what should I do next?

If you’re not going through an Origin Premium Partner, your builder may be able to get a trade account with us which would allow them to buy from us directly.

From there, they would work with us to spec up the doors and windows and get prices. They would then work out what the cost of glass, installation and other any required building work would be and could give you a project cost from there.

Please note – we do not supply glass, so in order to become a trade partner with Origin, your builder/ installer will need to be in a position to source and obtain this.

I’m a trader – how do I get in touch?

If you are looking to get a trade account, please complete this form.

Please note – we are not able to supply glass, so you will need to be able to source this yourself.

I’m a commercial buyer/ residential developer – how do I contact you?

We have a dedicated team in place able to help with your project and can offer either supply only or a complete turnkey solution. Speak to us about your projects by completing this form.

I would like to see your products before I decide to buy anything. How can I do this?

We always encourage people to see and use our products. If you visit our local installer finder, simply input your details and it will display up to three of your local trade partners that showcase our products in their showroom.

Origin’s local installer finder won’t recognise my postcode – what can I do?

If the installer function won’t recognise your address, drop us a line at and we’ll investigate why. We have partners all throughout the UK, so will be able to advise who your nearest partner is.

Existing Customers

Who do I speak to if I have a problem with my doors or windows or require a replacement part?

As your sales contract is with your chosen trade partner, it is their responsibility to undertake any required remedial work. As part of your project, they should have offered a warranty on the installation and as such, by getting in contact with them, they will be able to come out, assess the products and if parts are required, will get in contact with us to source and then they will fit and replace the faulty part.

The installation is a separate facet to the doors and windows, so we are unable to advise on someone else’s workmanship. If they are struggling to diagnose what the problem is, we are able to work with the installer to do so and can send the correct parts from there, which they will then fit.

This is outlined in our warranty terms and conditions.

My installer is no longer in business and I need help with my doors or windows. What do I do now?

Origin do not offer an installation/ remedial service, so you will need to speak to a new installer. You can search for a new one here.

Please note – they may charge a call out and labour fee, but if the replacement parts have failed due to a manufacturing fault, they will be covered under warranty.

Can I speak to you directly to you regarding my ongoing order?

Unfortunately not. As your sales contract is with your chosen installation partner and because of data protection, your enquiry needs to be channelled through them. They will get in contact with us to find out the latest updates, as they would provide the correct reference codes and order numbers.

To give you a rough idea of the lead times we operate on, we do host our live lead times but the installation date will depend on your chosen installer’s availability.

Can you advise me when my doors will be manufactured and delivered?

As you bought through your local trade partner, your enquiry will need to be directed through them. As we only sell the frames, they will need to source glass and any other required building materials to complete your project. We do host our live lead times but as mentioned, the rest of the elements are out of our control. Additionally, as they are a third party company, they manage their own installation schedule, so we cannot advise on this.

My trade partner is not returning any calls or emails about my new project and quotes. Can you help?

Trade partners can sometimes be very busy and may take up to 48 hours to reply, but we understand you are eager to find out prices for your project, so you’re able to find an alternative local installer.

Why can you not discuss my order with me? I have paid for them. It’s my order.

You are correct that you have paid for them, however, you have not paid Origin directly. You have paid your trade partner. Therefore, your contract is directly with them and as such, so is any information held about the order. We would be breaching the contract between ourselves and the trade partner if we were to discuss the order directly with you.

I would like to make a complaint about your trade partner, who do I email this to?

We are sorry that you have experienced issues with your chosen trade partner and rest assured, we take feedback very seriously. If you did raise an issue with us providing the trade partner name, we would be able to highlight to them that you have been in touch and offer our support where possible. Unfortunately, as trade partners are independent companies from Origin, we are unable to intervene or mediate in any dispute between your chosen partner and yourselves. However, if you're experiencing issues, there are options available such as CERTASS, FENSA and Citizens Advice who may be able to help.