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Three Sets of Origin Bifolds Complete Family Home in Enfield

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There's so much more natural light in the kitchen area, it’s fantastic. It really feels like the inside has become the outside.

- Mariam Alexander
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Ali and Mariam Alexander have lived in their Enfield home for 11 years. During that time they've raised three children - Michelle (8), Ellie (7) and Poppy (4). Ali works as a company director, while Mariam is a full-time Mum. 

Last year, Ali and Mariam decided to put their renovation plans into action, and carry out some major upgrades on their property. “There were a lot of things we wanted to change," Mariam explains. "Rather than spend time doing it in phases, we opted to do everything in one go."

These changes principally included extending the back of the house and adding a third floor to the property. The project started in the summer of 2016. As part of this transformation, the couple wanted a brand new kitchen that brought a 'wow' factor to the property. While discussing this, the idea of installing bifold doors came to them - to give the room an impressive feel while letting a lot more light in at the back of the house.

A local Origin partner, Silverline Windows, introduced Ali and Mariam to Origin Bifold Doors. Their decision was immediate. "I’m a minimalist. I like everything to look neat and clean. The Origin doors deliver that perfectly" said Mariam. Origin's modern feel and narrow sightlines gave the space a premium, simple feel, while being practical and easy to use.

With three young and extremely active children, the new back doors are used almost every day but still look good as new. "There's so much more natural light in the kitchen area, it’s fantastic. It really feels like the inside has become the outside” Mariam enthused. Origin's unique finger-safe gaskets in between the door frames also provide peace of mind that the little ones won't trap their fingers while opening and closing the doors.

The Alexander's Origin experience didn't stop there. The new bedroom up on the third floor also has Origin Bifolds, allowing the couple to enjoy the fantastic views across North London. With no balcony, the doors open up completely, but thanks to their narrow design there are no restrictions on space inside the room as a result.

There is one more set of Origin bifolds, in the new outhouse at the bottom of the garden where Mariam's parents are currently living whilst their own home is being renovated with Origin Bifolds also being part of their plan after they saw the quality of the doors and their aesthetic appeal first-hand. 

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