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Origin Doors

Origin's Great British Garden ReportDownload

  • 81% of people feel

    • That their mood is influenced by how much sun they see
    • Uplifted when they look out on a beautiful view
  • 87.5% of people think

    Adding a garden view onto their home adds up to £15,000 on to the value of their home

  • The average person has gone as long as three and a half months without being able to enjoy their garden

  • An average of 108 Days a year are spent sitting indoors wishing they could be in the garden

  • Over half of 45 year old and over

    Would consider buying a house because it has good views

  • Areas most proud of their gardens

    1. West Midlands
    2. East Midlands
    3. Yorkshire & the Humber
    4. North East
    5. Wales
    6. North West
    7. London
    8. South West
    9. South East
    10. East Anglia
    11. Scotland
    12. Northern Ireland
  • 2013's heatwave meant the average Brit spenta staggering

    154 hours working in their garden

  • Almost twice the amount of MEN to WOMEN feel that access to natural light is crucial to their mood.