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Views to Take Your Breath Away

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It takes my breath away waking up in the morning to look out of the bi-folding doors in my bedroom

- Annie Thompson
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For Ben and Annie Thompson, options for a new home in Bradworthy were limited when they began looking at the start of 2015. Ben is a dairy farmer, working seven-days-a-week with his father, meaning he is on call 24/7, so has to live close to the farm. Unfortunately, there were no properties for sale close by which left the couple with only one option – a new build. They chose to build right next to the farm, for Ben’s convenience, where they have stunning views over fields and the beautiful Devon countryside on their doorstep.

"Sometimes it’s easy to forget how lucky we are to live here," said Annie.

Even opening up the space to begin the build was a challenge. Where the house currently sits used to be dense bushes and trees, blocking the way for any work to begin. It took a team, led by Ben, to tear through it all, of course being mindful of the wildlife, before they had a space big enough to start the work.

Soon after the build began, Annie fell pregnant with the couple’s first child. Annie wanted to be in their new home before she gave birth; the race was on. Friends and family helped with the building, plumbing and electrical work, and the couple were able to move in, in January 2016. A short two months later and baby Finn joined Annie and Ben in their new home.

To fully enjoy the surroundings, the couple wanted an open feel at the back of the house. There were other requirements too - the exterior is cladded with redwood cedar, so the windows and doors had to complement that look whilst also matching the modern and contemporary finish of the rest of the house.

After visiting their local Origin partner – Prime Windows, the couple knew they had found what they were looking for. The contemporary look of both the Origin Bi-fold and Window ticked all the boxes for the exterior look whilst the operation of the bi-folds especially allowed them to achieve the open back-of-house feel they wanted.

Prime Windows installed all the products with sixteen Origin Windows at the front of the house and a further four at the rear which are accompanied by four sets of 3+0 bi-folding doors, all in the ever-popular Anthracite Grey finish.

Annie said: "It takes my breath away waking up in the morning to look out of the bi-folding doors in my bedroom to the sun shining on the surrounding landscape. Ben and I love them, and we love the windows, and our family and friends love them too.

The family has now lived in the home for a year, with Ben only 50 metres away from the house he grew up and lived in before moving to his new home. Eight-month-old Finn is enjoying the new house too - "He is an incredibly inquisitive baby," Annie explained.

With Origin's in-house designed running gear and 20-year guarantee, the bi-fold doors are likely to be part of Flynn's life throughout his childhood as he looks to explore the vast Devon countryside on his doorstep and maybe help with the farming too!

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