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Scouting For a New Home

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“Origin were the only company to reply so enthusiastically. The emphasis on security, attention to detail and the desire to deliver a top-quality product came screaming across the whole way.”

- Mark Peters, 17th Reigate Scout Group Leader
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Winter 2015 saw Origin get involved with an incredible project for a local Scout Group who required aluminium windows and a French door to complete the build of their brand new hall.

On 19th September 2015, exactly 13 months after the build began, the new hall was opened by Mayor Joan Spiers. It is the first venue that 17th Reigate Scout Group has been able to call home since they were founded way back in 1915. Over those 100 years, they have always shared venues with various other groups, but when the most recent host, St Joseph’s Church, announced plans for a new build that did not meet the group’s requirements, the opportunity for a purpose-built venue presented itself.

Despite such an opportunity, the group required firm support in order for the build to go ahead. After presenting their plans to landlords, parents, committees and the parish, the response was an overwhelming and resounding yes with the landlords going as far as offering a 50 year lease on the new property.

Funds for the new build were understandably limited so the group pulled in as many resources as possible from within, including planners, architects and fitters with 90% of the internal fitting being carried out by Scouting or community volunteers.

What made the project even more special was that the Group raised a considerable amount of the funds themselves through local events, sponsored hikes and an agonisingly close attempt of breaking the world record time for assembling a mile of pennies.

Despite such efforts, Group Scout Leader Mark Peters, knew it would also take incredible generosity from suppliers to help the group achieve their dream. They saved on costs wherever possible to the point where they stored 4 tons of timber from an old parish hall due to be demolished for two years and moved it six times so that they didn’t have to needlessly spend on flooring.

Although Mark was looking to save wherever possible, he had no intention of compromising on the quality nor safety of the windows or front door. This would ensure the longevity of the venue and minimise disruption due to the lack of maintenance required. With the Scout Group mostly needing the hall for evenings and weekends, security was understandably of high importance; a reason why Mark reached out to Origin.

Origin were the only company to reply so enthusiastically. The emphasis on security, attention to detail and the desire to deliver a top-quality product came screaming across the whole way.”

The 8pt locking system on the door accompanied with the quality finish and security features of Origin products mean 17th Reigate Scout Group now have everything they need for pure peace of mind when away from the site.

Additionally, the freedom of choice when it came to choosing colours for the door and windows allowed the exterior of the hall to match the colour scheme of the newly built Church Hall next door. As if all of this wasn’t enough, Origin, as standard, were able to offer their 20yr guarantee to provide further assurance to the group.

17th Reigate’s Origin door emphasises the bespoke nature of the company. Most French doors are equal sizes but 17th Reigate have one lead door (900mm) accompanied by a much narrower slave door (314mm) that can be opened to accommodate for disabled access. The Scout Group’s need for a bespoke door has not compromised the quality of it thanks to the range of configurations that Origin offer.

The group also wanted windows that allowed a lot of light to enter the hall despite being high up on the walls for safety reasons. The large frames and narrow sightlines offered by Origin fulfilled these demands and now provide the hall with plenty of natural light, additionally helping the group minimise electricity costs where possible.

Exceeding all expectations, the group have also been able to maximise the space on site enough to offer a large meeting room for internal use and occasional outside hire through their website.  Looking to the future, Mark predicts that, thanks to the new build, 17th Reigate will double in size within 4 years and be able to accommodate more youngsters than ever before.

Since the completion of the build, some of the group’s youngest Scouts have been able to enjoy their first sleepover in the hall. This event would not have been possible without the exceptional security and thermal efficiency of Origin’s windows and doors.

Long associated with local charities and community projects, Origin were keen to get involved with such a worthy cause after seeing the dedication shown by the entire Scout Group. The family and community-ethos that runs deep at Origin meant the decision to help in every way possible was never one in question.

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