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Origin Doors

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Origin Shopfront Facelift

The interior of an ice cream parlour looking out into the street through Origin's windows and glass doors
An interior shot showing the counter and some tables of Sundaes Gelato ice cream parlour looking out onto the street
An interior shot showing the counter and some tables of Sundaes Gelato ice cream parlour with Origin doors opening out onto the street
An interior shot of Sundaes Gelato showing the counter, with the doors fully open to the street outside
An exterior shot of Sundaes Gelato showing the storefront windows and doors supplied by Origin
A close up of the shopfront windows of a Plymouth ice cream parlour

Restaurant Owner

- With a gentle push, the customers are at one with the view, environment and surroundings, making the dining experience as pleasurable as possible.

Sundaes Gelato, a Plymouth based ice cream parlour, recently opened its doors to the public for the first time after a completing a full shop renovation in an exceptional turnaround, helped by the effective manufacturing capability from Origin. 

With the ambitious target of wanting the whole store to be fitted, from design to completion, in the space of 12 weeks, Sundaes and the associated fitters knew they needed to find suppliers they could trust. 

Just after 10 weeks into the build, the windows that were originally specified for the job turned up and the owners were not overly impressed. Feeling like the windows were not quite up to standard, they felt that the windows lacked style, quality and design, so quickly looked into alternatives. 

Given the fact that the store was opening in a little over a week, they knew it was going to be a tall ask to find a supplier that could turn their project around in time. This is when they came across Origin. 

Origin have an industry-leading delivery promise on bi-fold doors called ‘Your lead time, not ours’, which means that Sundaes were able to dictate when they wanted the doors to be delivered – whether this be for a day, a week or a month’s time. In this case, it was the faster, the better!
Similarly, on Origin Windows, the astounding 1 week lead also meant that Origin were the easy choice, especially considering other alternatives were offering no less than a 10 week turnaround.

If it hadn't been for Origin's exceptional turnaround, it could have meant that grand opening of the store being delayed, resulting in financial implications for the business. 

Sundaes were also aware that Origin’s premium grade aluminium will ensure the shop front will look as good as it does now for decades to come, offering optimum longevity, all whilst offering minimal maintenance. 

In addition to this, the specially designed polyamide breaks will keep the interior of Sundaes at its intended temperature to ensure no ice cream melts! 

The shop front comprises of a total of 12 fixed frame windows which span across the whole aperture of a whopping 8260mm. 4 of these windows sit on top of the bi-fold doors, with the mullions perfectly matching up with the Origin Bi-fold Door set that lay underneath.

The innate strength of the Window’s aluminium means that they are able to be manufactured with exceptionally slim sightlines to offer an abundance of light and maximising the view to the on looking town of Plymouth.

The elegant style of the window is contrasted with the visually striking 9005M Jet Black finish, which was selected to perfectly complement the brand and interior design decor. 

Also in this colour and perfectly matching the style of the windows are the Origin Bi-fold Doors. Set up in a 3+1 opening configuration, the doors are situated in the middle of the large expanses of glass, and span across 3010mm. 

Having the 3+1 door set up allows the single door to be used as an access door – which is great for winter when you don’t have to have all of the doors folded back. 

The owners knew that bi-folds were able to offer a completely seamless link between the street and the store so they were always incorporated into the plans, and the fact that one part of the store front is further back than the windows happened by no accident. 

When the weather picks up, the owners plan to add an outside seating area and will open and fold the doors back completely to help really capture the al fresco dining effect. 

“With a gentle push, the customers are at one with the view, environment and surroundings, making the dining experience as pleasurable as possible” remarked one of the owners. 
In addition to this, for prospective guests, there is a psychological barrier removed as the parlour is no longer enclosed, so looks and feels more welcoming.

All in all, the owners of Sundaes Gelato are ecstatic with the style, functionality and manufacturing turnaround that Origin were able to offer, so will be looking to Origin Windows and Bi-fold Doors into the additional 10 stores that are due to open this year. Sundaes already have an established store in Bristol, and have got Basingstoke and Oxford lined up next… Just in time for summer.

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