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Origin Doors

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Origin’s OI-30 beautifully compliments this stylish family home

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When friends walk in through the front door, they see the internal doors and are fascinated with them and enquire as to where they can get them from. I’m very proud to tell them that they are from Origin.

- James Harley-Brill
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James, a long-term employee of Origin, showcases his new OI-30 installation and highlights the reasons why he chose aluminium internal doors and why Origin was the only option.

Where did the need for an internal door come from?

When we moved in to our new home in 2018, we decided to renovate it, with the aim in mind of creating a more open plan living space and allowing as much light in as possible. The layout worked perfectly until the pandemic hit.  Over lockdown both my wife and I were working from home and with a growing family, it always felt like there were lots of noises and distractions going on.

In light of this, we started to consider how we could manage our space more effectively, considering moveable screens, internal doors or even reworking the walls to separate rooms completely. When Origin launched the internal door, it was perfect timing. It offered all the answers we were looking for – noise and space division whilst keeping a sense of togetherness, without compromising on keeping a sense of spaciousness and light.

Why Origin?

Having worked for Origin for a number of years, I’d built a pretty strong understanding of the available internal doors on the market. Having investigated other options such as steel internal doors, the alternatives didn’t offer as much versatility when it came to the customizable features available. Additionally, as we could have the product made to our exact dimensions of the apertures, it meant no additional work needed to happen internally.

We also opted for Origin after comparing the cost difference between aluminium and steel. The quotes we received for steel alternatives for the same size apertures were coming in around four times the price, which was a big factor in deciding to go for aluminium.

Knowing the ins and outs of how the door is designed with quality in mind, I knew that the Origin Internal Door was the best option available. From handles to hinges, there is a premium feel to every aspect of the Internal Door. The powder-coating process is the same for all of Origin’s products – which gave me the reassurance that these doors are capable of lasting a lifetime.

Product style choice and factors that lead to choices?

The flexibility to configure the look and design of the doors was a really important factor for us in terms of ensuring it elevated it’s interior surroundings. Being able to specify the number of glazing divides was appealing, as we were keen to go for a more minimalist look with less divides, while staying true to the traditional styling of a steel door. We chose to fit a bottom black out panel to the doors just to reduce the visibility of fingerprints and muddy paws from our young family. On the regular occasion that my hands are full, the bottom panel also allows me to nudge the door open with a foot without leaving scuff marks on the glass. 

While there were other options available such as frosted or reeded glass, we opted for clear safety glass for the double doors (which is specified as standard) as we wanted to be able to see right through the length of the house. We do have another single Internal Door between the kitchen and our utility room, and we chose to fit that with reeded glass as we wanted to keep the mess of the utility room concealed from the kitchen without having compromise on the shared natural light.

Favourite feature of the door?

I really love how the handle, lock plate and hinges can be colour coordinated and really stand out against the backdrop of the matt black finish of the doors, but in particular I’m a big fan of the signature knurled handle with its textured finish and weighted feel.  It serves as a little accent that sets the doors off.

Outcome since the installation of Internal Doors?

Since the inclusion of the Internal Doors in our house we have really noticed how much more practical the floorplan is. We’re able to control the feel of each room so much more effectively without compromising on the natural light that’s shared throughout the house. We can leave the doors open to make the house feel more as one shared living space, or we can close them off in the evenings when we put the boys down to bed and cut off the noise for them. The doors still allow the downstairs to feel spacious but we can finally manage the space for more practically.  Plus from a visual perspective, they are a huge feature and look absolutely brilliant.

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