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Origin Doors

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Inviting the great outdoors in with Origin

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We absolutely love these Origin products and have already recommended them to a handful of our friends!

- The Collins'
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The Collins’ lived in their property for 7 years before taking the decision to extend and completely refurbish their home. This massive extension project saw the installation of 6 sets of OB-72 Bi-folding Doors, a Residential Door in the SE04 panel design, and OW-80 Windows, all in 7016 Anthracite Grey. This project was to drastically improve the quality of their living space while adding huge value to their property. 

Adding style and sophistication to your home 

The initial attraction towards these bi-folding doors, the residential door, and windows were their look and style. The Collins’ couldn’t help but be drawn in by how aesthetically pleasing all the products looked. They instantly knew these installations would take the interior of their living space to the next level. The high-quality aluminium fenestration products provided the smooth and solid finish that the Collins’ were after. The Anthracite Grey added the extra touch of elegance that the Collins’ were looking for and completed the look of the property to an extremely high standard. 

By introducing the collection of Origin products, the Collins’ raved about being able to appreciate their scenic surroundings from the comfort of their sofa as well as an abundance of natural light. The large surface area of glass in the bi-fold doors and windows allow the Collins’ to really soak up their surroundings without even having to step outside. The house used Origin Doors and Windows throughout, and on the two pitches of the extension, Gable Windows were used to really maximise the look. The Residential Door in Panel SE04 was then added as a finishing touch and the whole house now really gives a stunning cohesive appearance.

Living in an Origin Home

Installing Bi-folding Doors and Windows from Origin provides your home with so much more than just aesthetic class and elegance, they also bring so many practical benefits. The Collins’ no longer experience any draughts coming from the outdoors with the doors and windows providing a sealed protection from strong and unpredictable weather conditions. The products specified had a dependable double glazed unit that protected against sound, and minimised noise from the outside space that can often be loud and disruptive. The Collins’ now feel like they are in a safe haven inside their home, shielded from unruly external conditions. 

The OB-72 Bi-folding Doors, OW-80 Windows and Residential Door also provided a vital sense of security and added protection in the home. The industry leading security features provided complete peace of mind. Plus, the aluminum profile is a strong defense. The barrels used also offer protection against any tampering. The products are low maintenance which is a wonderful added bonus. Overall, these bi-folding doors from Origin have transformed the living space and provided the Collins’ with several habitable benefits for their added comfort and convenience. The response from their family and friends has been extremely laudable with the Collins’ recommending Origin products to their nearest and dearest out of their own positive experience. These Origin products have given them the ‘new home’ feel they were striving for. 

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