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Origin Doors

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A seamless transition from inside to out with Origin’s Patio Door Sliders

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Why Origin?

When extending the rear side of this beautiful and unique house, the homeowners scouted the Internet to find Patio Doors that suited their vision. After much consideration and research they chose to specify the Origin Inline Slider range and decided to contact their local installer; Goldseal. Gary, the owner at Goldseal, invited the homeowners to their Showroom in Aylesbury, where they saw the OS-44 slider and knew this would be the ultimate fit for their house.

To give the finishing look, the homeowners decided to also specify Origin Gable Windows to fit above the Patio Sliders all the way to the apex of the roof to create a magnificent glass-rich wall to share the natural light and have a no interference between the inside and outside of their home.

Mixing traditional with the new…

Being in an area inundated with white windows, the homeowner decided to go against the grain and opt for an Slate Grey set of sliders; a colour which has taken the market by storm and is ever increasing in popularity. To continue the modern style, the handle option selected was the 300mm all-in-one bar handle. This unique and modern stainless-steel handle offers a sleek and functional finish to the sliding doors.

Since the install…

The homeowners have commented saying they use their garden a lot more than they previously did as they are able to easily gain access without the rigmarole of unlocking and sliding the old door, which was more of a traditional locking and sliding system; which as we all know are heavier and often had to be lifted to be unlocked.

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