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A Builder's Breakdown

All the facts and figures behind the life of a builder

A study of 500 builders sought to profile the daily lives of Britain's Builders found the average builder's lot is a challenging one; driving more miles, working longer hours and juggling more projects and concerns than ever before!

  • 1 in 10 people

    • Drive more than 600 miles per week
    • 13,624 miles per year
    • 262 miles per week
  • 63 percent

    Of builders would prefer to buyh british products

  • The average British builder:

    • Wakes up at 6:24am
    • Leaves the house at 7:30am
    • Clocks off at 17:30pm
    • Has their feet up by 7:30pm
  • The most stressful aspects of their working lives are:

    1. British weather
    2. Unreliable staff
    3. Unreasonable customers
    4. Finances/Cash flow
    5. Building regulations
  • Four projects on the go per week

  • Listens to BBC Radio 2

    • six drinks per day
    • Chicken and Bacon or Cheese and Pickle Sandwich for lunch
    • Their drink of choice is Tea (one sugar)
    • Biscuit of choice is the Chocolate Digestive