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A Stunning Kitchen Extension, For All Seasons

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They're also really easy to open, it's no effort at all. You just slide them to the side.

- Deborah Griffiths
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After 11 years living in their property in Kenley, Croydon, Deborah and Connor Griffith felt it was time to modernise. They decided to extend their kitchen, to create a more practical, aesthetically pleasing space for eating, entertaining and generally making the most of the available room.

Crucially, the Griffiths wanted to create a sense of scale and space - a centrepiece to connect them to the garden outside, while being eye-catching in its own right from the inside. They were directed to Origin by one of their accredited suppliers - Shard Solutions, who were carrying out some other work on the property at the time.

The Griffiths were particularly impressed with the quality of Origin’s aluminium, bespoke design possibilities, impressive security and 20-year guarantee, all of which made the decision for the couple very straightforward.

"After considering the different options available, we chose white bifold doors as they're timeless, and complement the decor of our room perfectly." Deborah explained. "They're also really easy to open, it's no effort at all. You just slide them to the side."

Because they chose a "4+3" door set (four doors folding to the right, three to the left), the bifolds can be opened in a number of different ways. So, the Griffiths can enjoy their garden however they wish, at all times of the year. And it's not just them that are experiencing the benefits. Family and friends love the new kitchen, the impressive layout and especially the stunning, integrated doors.

"We wanted to create the feeling of a large, open space," said Deborah. "We've absolutely achieved this with our Origin doors. They deliver exactly what we needed, we're delighted with the results."

The Griffiths are loving life in their new kitchen, and would recommend Origin to anyone looking to achieve the same. What's more, the extension has increased the overall value of their property, so they've benefitted financially as well as physically.

When asked if there was anything they'd do differently next time, the answer was a firm and happy, "No."

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