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Origin Doors

Origin Glamour Blinds give your doors and windows a slick, contemporary feel, while providing total light and privacy control. Made up of alternating layers of opaque and translucent strips that can be moved independently, glamour blinds are an effective way of filtering daylight and reducing glare.


How a glamour blind works

A clever rotation wheel allows you to align darker panels behind one another, letting light filter into your home. Alternatively, you can stack the darker strips on top of each other to block out the light. This highly adaptable feature makes an Origin Glamour Blind suitable for year-round use. You can also draw the whole blind up, revealing the full outside view.

Enhance your Origin Glamour Blind with a facia

Your Origin Glamour Blind comes with a square fascia, or if you prefer, no fascia at all. Available in the same 150 colours as Origin Doors and Windows, you can choose a matching style to blend in, or go for a bold contrast. The smartly designed fascia also ensures that when the blinds are up, they are fully hidden. If you opt for no facia, then just a tidy roll of fabric will remain visible.

10 year guarantee

Available configurations

Power TypeSystem Available
Blind typeBatteryMains (Hard Wired)ManualOriginLutron
Door / Window type
Blind typeDoors, French Doors & Bi-fold DoorsCorner DoorsWindowsBayGableRoof Lantern

Find out about ourBlind Types

Whether you're looking for Roller blinds or Roman blinds, Pleated blinds or prefer the sleek, modern aesthetic of Glamour blinds, Venetian or Vertical blinds there’s an option to suit every home and room.