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Origin Doors

Seeking the perfect accompaniment to your Origin or third-party Bi-fold Doors or Windows? Our made-to-measure blind systems can be manufactured to fit any type of door or window.
The ideal finishing touch for any room.


Find out about ourBlind Types

Whether you're looking for Roller blinds or Roman blinds, Pleated blinds, Venetian or Vertical blinds there’s an option to suit every home and room.

Your environment.
Your way

At Origin, we’re passionate about combining faultless functionality with unparalleled aesthetics, and our blinds are no exception. Effortlessly complementing our doors and windows, Origin Blinds offer a stylish and practical means of controlling the light levels in a home, whilst simultaneously providing additional privacy from the outside world.

Aside from adding a dash of opulence to your home, Origin Blinds also provide tangible year-round benefits. During the summer, you’ll be able to enjoy an unobstructed view of your outside area, with the option of shading when required. All blind fabrics come with an intelligent reflective exterior to prevent the heat build-up inside your home. When the weather turns cooler, the blinds can boost your home’s thermal efficiency by preventing warmth from escaping.

Where style meets safety

Style alone isn’t enough. Every Origin product has been designed with safety at the forefront. Whether you opt for mains operated, battery operated or manual configurations.

You can rest assured that your Origin product has been meticulously designed to ensure child-safe functionality. Our electric roller blinds are controlled by either wall mounted switch or remote control. Our manually operated pleated blinds are controlled via tensioned systems, easily operated by simply moving the bottom section vertically. Avoiding dangerous hanging cords.

These and other safety features guarantee that all Origin blinds are child-friendly, allowing you to choose any option with confidence.

Choose your power option

Origin blinds are available in battery-operated, mains-operated or manually-operated options. The battery and mains-operated blinds are available to be specified using either the Lutron System or the Origin System.

  • A mains-powered system works well for larger blinds, as it easily supports their weight, plus there’s no requirement to replace batteries.
  • With battery-operated blinds, no wiring is needed, making it an ideal option for retro-fits.
  • Manually operated blinds are a more cost-effective option. They are well suited for smaller windows.
  • For ultimate control, you can even specify for your electrically operated blind panels to work independently. This will require more motors, but rest assured - they arrive pre-configured to synchronise perfectly with one another; ensuring each panel rises and falls at the same speed.
Power TypeSystem Available
Blind TypeBattery Mains
(Hard Wired)
Electric RollerXXXX

* Pleated blinds can be battery operated if they are installed in front of the door / window

** Pleated blinds are manually operated when they are installed to the beading of the door / window

Choose your power system

We also offer a choice with our mains operated and battery operated blinds between the Lutron System and the Origin System. The differences are outlined as follows:

Lutron remote control

The Lutron System

When you purchase a blind with the Lutron system, you can be sure you’re getting something special. As the world’s leading specialist in lighting control, blinds and shading systems, Lutron offer unsurpassed excellence. Origin is proud to be just one of six handpicked manufacturers to offer this flawless system. Like Origin, Lutron pride themselves on their tireless innovation and faultless execution – so you can be sure your blinds will perform beautifully time after time. from home.

A breeze to operate

The Lutron motor utilises a sophisticated electronic drive system that delivers an industry-leading, near silent operation. You’ll enjoy effortless control over your blinds via a hand held device or wall mounted touch-screen. You can even activate them when you’re out thanks to a clever programmable timer; allowing you to set your blinds to open and close at sunrise and sunset - invaluable for added privacy and reducing energy bills.

It doesn’t stop there. The Lutron technology is so clever that you can even operate your blinds via an app on a tablet or smartphone; great for extra security and peace of mind when you’re away from home.

Origin remote control

The Origin System

As an alternative to using the renowned Lutron system, some blinds can be specified using the Origin system. Although not as quiet as the Lutron system, this popular and dependable system allows you to control light in your home with ease. Like the Lutron system, it can also be pre-programmed to open and close at set times.

Manual blinds

There are some styles of blinds that are available only in a manually-operated configuration, or you may simply prefer to choose a manual blind. In any case, you can rest assured that our manual blinds systems offer the same child-safe mechanisms as our automated products. For example, with our pleated blinds, you simply raise or lower the bottom section to your desired position.

Blinds to suit any space

No matter what size or shape room you have, Origin has a blind style and system that will bring it to life and enhance your existing décor. We guarantee that for any room or door or window style, we’ll have a suitable blind system that’ll be perfect for your home. Take a look at the table below to see where each versatile system can be used.

Doors / Windows
Blind TypeDoors, French Doors & Bi-fold DoorsCorner DoorsWindowsBayGableRoof
Electric RollerXXXXXX

Choose your fabric

  • Choosing the right fabric

    Fabric choice is a fundamental part of tying your look together. Whether you’re furnishing a home from scratch or refurbishing one room, the right materials, design and colour scheme can make all the difference. Here are a few tips to help you select the best blind fabric for your project.

  • Location

    The room type, as well as the purpose for your blinds, is the first thing to consider. For example, if they’re intended for a bathroom, you’ll want to opt for a more durable material that’s able to cope with damp and steam. By contrast, if you’re decorating a child’s bedroom, then blackout blinds are a great option to avoid being woken up too prematurely on those early summer mornings.

  • Weight

    If your blind is being installed in a draughty location (not that such a thing exists if you have Origin Doors or Windows), then you may prefer a heavyweight material. This will provide better thermal efficiency and will also reduce light filtration if your window is in line with the sun for much of the day. A heavier material will also retain its shape for years, whereas a lighter material, while a good choice for many, may start to lose its shape over time.

  • Style

    While some people enjoy following the latest trends (roller blinds have been a popular choice for many years), others prefer to make individual statements or opt for something a little more unusual. Luckily, there are endless designs available, from understated plain fabrics that complement any décor, through to bold statement patterns.

  • Pattern

    To some extent, the size of your room will dictate what patterns you can get away with. While large, bold patterns are great fun, they can dwarf a small room. Conversely, in large, open spaces, plainer designs may make the area look a little cold and sparse. Whatever your room size and style, you can be sure we’ll have a pattern to suit.

  • Privacy

    If you’re looking for increased privacy, blackout blinds are just the thing. They’re especially effective in children’s bedrooms, where added privacy and restricted light may be preferable. With fabrics ranging from sheer and lightweight through to complete blackout, we have a solution for every purpose.

  • Budget

    Fabric cost depends entirely on the size of window you want to cover, along with the fabric you choose. To find the perfect blind to suit your specific budget, visit your local Origin accredited partner who will be happy to help.