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Picture your new life

Let Origin be the starting point for a whole new way of living

Origin's bespoke bi-folding doors, windows and made-to-measure blinds offer the style, sophistication and security that you deserve. While the elegant design and ultra slim aluminium frame profile connects you to the world outside, the precision engineering and high performance components combine to deliver products of matchless quality.

Complete Freedom

No barriers - feel the difference every day

Your options are virtually limitless with Origin. Whatever your needs, we will have a configuration and set up to suit your design dream. By specifying your size, configuration, RAL colour schemes, finishes, handles, open in or open out, it means that you can have a product that is not only completely tailor made to your requirements but also complements your life style.

Peace of mind

Nothing is more important than safety and reliability in your home

That's why we've left nothing behind when it comes to detail. From 'finger safe' gaskets and slam proof magnetic keeps on the doors through to hinges that prevent finger entrapment on the windows, Origin is the worry-free option to opening up your home.


The material of choice

Frame strength is very important, particularly when considering doors or windows. Aluminium combines strength and robustness with a lightweight structure, meaning it’s extremely strong yet weighs 67% less than steel, so offers exceptional creative freedom.

Origin uses a premium grade, energy efficient aluminium to manufacture its products, so it is not only secure and durable, but also enables the frames to be narrow and aesthetically pleasing. Find out more about aluminium in our Aluminium FAQs section.

Optimum Longevity

The sustainable option

Aluminium is by far the most recycled material in manufacturing, and an astonishing 75% of all aluminium sourced in the 1880’s is still in use today.

Our products are built to last using premium quality aluminium, which is why we offer a twenty year guarantee on every door and window.

Your lead time not ours

Origin offer an unrivalled service

We deliver the fastest and most flexible service in the door and window industry.
The way we see it, you should be in charge of your own deadlines, and that’s what Your Lead Time, Not Ours is all about. So, thanks to a major investment in our factory workshop, we can now provide the Origin Bi-fold Door on demand. Whether you want your doors for
1 day, 1 week or a month’s time.

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