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Origin Doors

The DNA of the showroom

A comprehensive guide to understanding your own personality and sales style as well as the personality of the showroom customer.

Latest Origin report reveals showroom personality types

Origin has published The DNA of the Showroom’ alongside a leading sales psychologist

The DNA of the Showroom is the first whitepaper to reveal the different types of personality that trade partners most often adopt when dealing with customers.

Working with one of the country’s leading sales psychologists, Bryan McCrae, our aim is to help our trade partners to build relationships, improve sales and grow their businesses.

We hope it will help boost profits by giving us all a better understanding of our own individual sales styles, strengths and weaknesses, as well as how to interact with different customers.

We have found that showroom retail staff are likely to be one of four personality types, with a set of characteristics that, when identified, improve the flow of conversations with customers and, in turn, drive sales.

The Negotiator, The Free Spirit, The Perfectionist and The Diplomat are all personalities that we most often adopt.

The Negotiator

An assertive, confident salesperson who takes control from the outset and will often lead the conversation with customers. The Negotiator means business.

The Free Spirit

Driven by innovation and ideas, this salesperson is enthusiastic and knowledgeable, but often expects the customer to distinctively to make the ultimate decision.

The Perfectionist

Methodical and organised, with a love of simplicity and perfection. This person works hard to ensure that their bi-fold doors and windows are finger print and smear free.

The Diplomat

He or she will avoid any conflict at all cost. Diplomatic, thoughtful and amiable, this salesperson aims to please by making consensus decisions.

Follow this simple infographic to find out which one best suits your personality type:

1. When a new customer comes into your showroom, you…

A. Go straight up to them, shake hands, say hello, tell them your name, and talk to them about how stylish Origin Bi-folds are.

B. Go straight up to them, say hello, ask what they are looking for and when they need it by.

C. Observe them first, then introduce yourself and ask what specific features they might be most interested in.

D. Smile at them, give them a few seconds then stroll over and say ‘Hi, if you have any questions, or need any help, just ask’.

2. They say they are trying to choose between two makes of Bi-Fold door for a new extension. You…

A. Tell them that one has a fantastic range of colours, comes with a 20-year guarantee and has finger safe, colour matched gaskets.

B. Ask them what the most important features are for them. Then try to persuade them that one system meets their needs better than the other.

C. Ask for a copy of their plans so that you can look at the design details and advise them what would work best.

D. Say that both products are good and it comes down to whichever they like the look of best and which manufacturer or brand they trust.

3. They say that they quite like a style of window but want to think about it a bit more. You say…

A. Let’s see if we can work something out together now, that you might want to say yes to.

B. Ask what it would take for them to go ahead today.

C. What is it specifically that is making them hesitate?

D. You fully understand that they don’t want to feel rushed, so you’ll wait to hear from them.

4. They say that they would like to have a particular brand of Bi-Fold door, but it's too expensive. You…

A. Say that the door system is the best in the business and show them testimonials to prove it.

B. Ask how much their budget is and offer a finance deal.

C. Show them the 20-year guarantee certificate and explain the extra value it will add to their property.

D. Ask how they feel about each option, putting aside the cost for now.

Mostly A'sMostly B'sYou scoredMostly C'sMostly D's
The free spiritThe diplomatThe negotiatorThe perfectionist

The full report identifies how to use this information when talking to customers, to build better relationships and improve sales. The different types of customer are also revealed - The Bold Buyer, The Spontaneous Shopper, The Measured Mind Maker and The Calm Customer.

This is just one of the many ways that Origin continues to support its trade partners. We’re looking forward to seeing how these small changes can bring you success on the showroom floor.