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Origin Doors

If you’re looking for a practical, contemporary feel, Origin’s made-to-measure pleated blinds are both sleek and elegant. Fitted neatly to the beading of a bi-fold door or window, they offer a minimalistic look with maximum light and heat control. Resting snugly on the glass, they reduce any light strikes and prevent the blinds from moving about when the doors or windows are open.

No compromising on thermal efficiency

Because pleated blinds are fitted to the frame and glass exterior (not within the glass itself), the panes don’t have to compromise their thermal efficiency. Not only does this ensure the glass and doors maintain their thermal performance, but it also allows any maintenance or cleaning to be undertaken with ease.

No extra measuring with Origin Doors or Windows

If you choose your pleated blinds at the same time as your new Origin Doors or Windows (or they’re intended for existing Origin Doors or Windows), they won’t require any additional measuring. We’re able to easily calculate the dimensions from your order or serial number, making your new blinds a breeze to order.

Colour options

Origin Pleated Blinds come in six attractive colours – ranging from white and neutral through to black. Whichever colour you choose, it will come fitted with a pearlescent solar coating on the back to reflect as much heat and light as possible.

You can also choose one of our colour-coded head rails to complement the blind colours.

Available configurations

Power Type System Available
Blind type Battery Mains (Hard Wired) Manual Origin Lutron
Pleated X *   X **   X

* Pleated blinds can be battery operated if they are installed in front of the door / window

** Pleated blinds are mains operated when they installed to the beading of the door / window

Door / Window type
Blind type Doors, French Doors & Bi-fold Doors Corner Doors Windows Bay Gable Roof Lantern
Pleated X X X X X X

The next step

One of our skilfully trained engineers will be happy to visit your home to discuss your requirements and help bring your interior design vision to life. They can also measure-up while there.

The costs for measuring and installation cover multiple sets of blinds within the one property and are as follows:
Measuring - £75 + VAT Installation - £300 + VAT

As with Origin Doors and Windows, our Blinds turnaround time is exceptional. Therefore, if you’re purchasing your Origin Blinds at the same time as your doors and/or windows, it’s very likely that you will be able to have everything installed together.

Find out about our Blind Types

Whether you're looking for Roller blinds or Roman blinds, Pleated blinds or prefer the sleek, modern aesthetic of Glamour blinds, Venetian or Vertical blinds there’s an option to suit every home and room.